What are the most realistic artificial vaginas?

When it comes to masturbation, men no longer need sexual videos like pornos. In fact, today there are highly realistic artificial vaginas capable of making you happy. Several brands offer these cunts, some more realistic than others. In this article, we'll tell you about the most realistic artificial vaginas.

Pro Elite Alana

The perfect sextoy for those who love the rear position. Visit https://be-street.com/most-realistic-vagina/ for more information. It's beautiful and exciting from the outside, one of the best toys from the Thrust Pro brand. The latter has succeeded in creating the most satisfying combination possible. Pro Elite has two entrances that provide a great opportunity to vary your sexual games. So you won't need to persuade your friend to experiment, because there's everything you need to satisfy your wildest fantasies. The advantage is that the sex toy can be easily attached and moved just like during real intercourse, so there's no need to load your hands. Even better, you can add bullet vibrators to any hole. The material is both soft and delicate. It stretches beautifully, creating a pleasant pressure on your penis. The super-realistic design and color of the sextoy will add thrilling emotions. To facilitate penetration, we recommend using a water-based lubricant.

Pro Elite Layla

For fans of the classic missionary position, this sextoy will be the perfect masturbator. The ribbed ridges and buttons on the inner sleeves will make some nervous, but the arousal will be pleasurable. The special feature here is that the internal design of the two narrow, watertight ducts is different. You can also add bullet vibrators to make your feelings exciting. The material used imitates human skin because it's soft and delicate. The diameter of the channels is suitable for 98% of men, as is the length. As a limitation, we note that the outer part of the sextoy is smaller than what a real vagina might look like. This has a slight impact on realism. Simply use a water-based lubricant to maintain the high quality of the material.

Pro Elite Alicia

In this sextoy, you'll find maximum realism. This starts with the fact that the exterior design includes soft, appetizing breasts with rather realistic nipples. In addition to the breasts, you have access to two holes, the anus and the vagina. Each internal channel is very similar in structure to the real thing, so you'll be surprised how far the makers of these sex toys have gone. The Pro Elite Alicia is almost indistinguishable from real pussy in terms of feel. The material used inside and out will help you get a very bright discharge quickly and easily due to the smooth texture. For those who find it difficult to ejaculate very quickly, fake pussies with tight ribs can be used as an endurance trainer. After the pleasure session, you'll need to wash each hole very thoroughly, the same goes for the two realistic vaginas mentioned above. The Pro Elite Alicia dries several hours after washing. You'll need to buy a high-quality water-based lubricant and periodically use a special powder to keep the material soft and elastic. The price of the Pro Elite Alicia is not too exact, but varies according to the material. All you need to do is choose according to your needs and expectations.

Here are the names of some of the most realistic artificial vaginas you'll find on the sex toy market.