Three little-known dangers of sex

Sex is good for your health, your morale, and your relationship. But in some cases, sex can be very dangerous. Here's a closer look at three of the little-known dangers of sex.

Tearing of the sexual organ

During sex, both men and women can experience a tear in the sex organ.

In men, it is rare to have a tear in the penis. It usually occurs when the partners adopt a position where the woman is on top of the man, or in the case of vigorous masturbation. If this happens, a doctor should be contacted immediately to avoid deformation of the sex or erectile dysfunction.

Often, a surgical procedure is required to correct the fracture.  In women, the vagina may be cut to a greater or lesser extent. Intimate dryness mostly causes these cuts. To avoid this, women can promote lubrication of the vagina by using a lubricant or by increasing the duration of foreplay before penetration.

Cardiac arrest and stroke

The pace of intercourse is important. In people with a combination of risk factors (such as a minor heart defect), stroke can occur during sex. If sex is very vigorous and repeated, the chances of having a cardiac arrest right after the act are multiplied by three, especially in inactive people. The probability of a cardiac arrest or a stroke occurring during or at the end of a relationship is however very low (only 0.01% and 0.03% of people have a cardiac arrest or a myocardial infarction, respectively). 

Sexual addiction

Excess in everything is harmful. Extreme sexual habits push some people to a level where it becomes difficult for them to control themselves: exaggerated masturbation, addiction to pornographic movies, many sexual partners, daily sexual intercourse, etc. Such a condition can cause a deterioration in romantic, professional, and social relationships.