How to last longer in bed?

With age, stress and many hormonal phenomena linked to the use of medication, it sometimes happens that some people are confronted with a recurrent problem of premature ejaculation. It is a problem that can seriously harm a fulfilling couple's life. What to do to get out of it? 

What is premature ejaculation? 

Premature ejaculation is an uncontrollable act for the sufferer that causes him or her to ejaculate well before penetration or a few minutes afterwards. It is a condition that does not really involve the physical health of the patient. Nevertheless, it is subject to probable psychological disorders or frustrations in both the patient and the unsatisfied woman. 

The causes of loss of control 

A priori, the causes of a state of rapid ejaculation are probably due to stress or a psychological state due to a decrease in libido. Some people claim that the reasons for ejaculation are a strong sensitivity of the penis. However, this condition is not the result of a clinical pathology. 

To remedy this condition and last longer in bed, you should consult a doctor. In particular a specialist in urology. The latter will be able to easily determine the condition and give a treatment adapted to the pain. It is also possible to benefit from psychological support to recover better sexual performance. 

Some effective exercises to last longer in bed

Mainly, three exercises have been selected to give back vigor and a stronger durability in bed. They are essentially based on the principle of perineal muscle building. The first exercise is simple to put into practice. It is enough to stop urinating several times when you want to urinate. The muscles of the perineum are those which participate in the maintenance of urinary miction. 

Having better control on the contraction of this muscle allows to delay the ejaculation effectively. The second effective exercise is called squeeze. It consists in maintaining a strong pressure on the perineum, i.e. the zone located between the anus and the scrotum, to delay ejaculation. The last effective method is to change positions during the sexual act.