How to caress a woman's breasts?

The breasts are an erogenous zone that gives a lot of pleasure to both men and women. However, to give pleasure to the woman, it is necessary to know how to handle it in the rules of art. The caresses on the breasts must be delicate and soft. How to proceed? 

Gestures never to make not to make evil with its partner 

As mentioned above, the breasts are a very sensitive and soft erogenous zone, especially the nipple and areola area. Therefore, it is important to avoid any sudden gestures on this part of the body. The caresses on the breasts do not fit in any context of bestial or brutal sex.

Breasts that are abused with force and little gentleness can very easily bring down the ecstasy and cut off any momentum of excitement. Thus, to massage the breasts of your partner, you must take care to touch this intimate part, lick it delicately and massage them for more pleasure.

Pinching, biting and massaging are actions to be avoided at most. It is also important to remember that during the menstrual cycle there are periods when the breasts become much more sensitive. During pregnancy, they also become very sensitive. You should not even think of touching them in these two cases. 

Effective tips for sucking on the breasts 

When you know that you have to be gentle to succeed in sucking your breasts, you have already gained a lot to excite your partner. Nevertheless, some tricks are even more effective. Indeed, the tongue is the tool par excellence able to give a lot of pleasure to the breast.

Sucking the nipples is the best way to give even breast orgasms. In addition, during the sucking, it is also necessary to take care to sometimes suck the nipple completely. This is an act that offers unparalleled enjoyment. Nevertheless, one must be careful not to insert these teeth into the flesh.