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You MUST follow ALL of the following steps otherwise anything you submit to us will be instantly deleted!
  1. EVERY PERSON featured in anything you submit (video or picture) MUST be over the age of 18 years old at the time the photos or videos were created, Please also include at least one photo or video containing a newspaper with the current date on it.
  2. You must provide a scanned ID with signatures for any and all participants of any video or picture you send to us.
  3. Any video or pictures containing illegal acts such as violence, underage sex, animal sex, peeing, etc. will be deleted!
  4. Please submit HOT, 100% REAL GIRLS ONLY! Don’t bother to send us any bullshit of porn stars or old people having sex, it will just be deleated!
  5. If we decide to use your submitted videos or pictures we will contact you by the email you provided to us to inform you.
  6. Please make sure you download and fill out the form below or your submission will be deleated
  7. If possible please include at least one photo with our name somewhere in the photo (IE: "I Love Exgirlfriend Sluts" "Future Ex Girlfriend Slut" etc, this could be written on a sign, or on her body somewhere)